Mobile App Development

We can build a great Native App (Android and iOS) for your business, or one using a cross-platform frameworks such as React Native, Xamarin or Flutter.

Enterprise Software Development

We can design a REST API or any other Server App for your business using technologies such as .NET Core, Node.js, Java or PHP. We have experience with most Relational and NoSQL database systems.

Integrations, SOA and BI

We specialise in Integrations with diverse systems such as Payment Gateways, Cloud Platforms or Service Providers. We follow proven methodologies and we are experienced in Big Data and ETL.

Blue Chip Experience

Our senior team members have extensive experience working for Blue Chip International Companies and on complex enterprise systems which scale for thousand of users. We follow proven patterns and methodologies.

Hardware Integrations

Do you need to integrate with a POS system or a Payment Terminal? We can do that!

Local Development Team

Burned by outsourcing? Keep it in-house!
Our amazing development team is fully Australian based. No communication issues and great code quality. We are always ready to discuss your requirements and our solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We develop great software solutions. If your business needs a stylish Mobile App, a functional REST API back-end or a performant Database, we can certainly help. We specialise in Mobile App development, Enterprise Software Development and Business Intelligence.

Which technology will you use for my Mobile App?

We use the best tool for the job. We are experienced in Native App Development for Android and iOS, but also in cross platform frameworks such as React Native, Flutter and Xamarin. We will advise you on the best tool for YOUR requirements.

Which technology will you use for my Server App?

We are technology agnostic. We can advise on the best technology to use if you are starting your project from scratch, but we can easily work with what's already there. We love technologies such as .NET Core and Node.js but we are also experienced with established technologies such as .NET Framework, PHP, Java etc.

Do you understand data?

Yes we do! We LOVE data! We can design and implement a great Relational or NoSQL database for your project, but we also love working with Big Data related technologies and we can help with your Business Intelligence needs. We have performed countless data migrations between various and diverse systems.

Do you integrate with my system?

As long as your system, platform, service provider or hardware provides an interface or API we can integrate with it. We specialise in integrations and we can usually figure out a complex system very quickly.

Why choose SmartOrdering?

We offer great quality and care for your requirements and solutions, and we truly enjoy working with diverse technologies. Plus we have tons of experience working with the big guys so we use proven patterns and methodologies. We pride ourselves in providing realistic estimates and solutions that are tailored to what you really need and sustainable over time!

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Our Story

We started our journey with the release of the smartordering platform, an innovative mobile and online ordering platform which enables businesses to accept orders in an easy and powerful way. We wanted to leverage our extensive experience in complex back-office solutions and electronic payments, and the patterns and methodologies we learnt working for blue chip companies.

The experience evolved into numerous partnership and integrations, and we are now ready and eager to help more businesses to integrate and develop their own solutions and ideas.

We love working with different systems, technologies and programming languages and we truly thrive providing best in class Apps and Server Apps solutions. We can advise on the best technology for your specific business needs or just dive in and work on your existing projects.

We have a world class development team fully based in Australia, to be able to quickly respond to your needs and tailor the best solution for your business.

Partners and Integrations

We love to integrate!

The smartordering platform was built to be modular and flexible and we seamlessly integrated it with many POS systems, market places and e-commerce solutions.

We also completed several third party integrations and projects, such as writing a payment App for ANZ's BladePay smart terminal and an healthcare and payment App for CBA's Albert terminal. Working with APIs and SDKs is our passion and if there is an interface then we can integrate with it!

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Some of our partners and integrations...

What do people think?

It was great to have SmartOrdering helping with our projects. They were able to quickly settle in and work effectively on our Apps and back-end systems.

Nick Brooke-Wood CTO, Whitecoat

SmartOrdering developed a great App for us, integrated with our own POS system and a payment terminal. They were easy to work with and most importantly on-time and on-budget!

Sean O'Meara CEO, Impos

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